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Monday, December 1, 2008

Where do you stay during vacation in Surabaya

Well, when you visiting new place for your vacation, its necessary to choose the place where you stay. When you visit Surabaya, one of nice place to stay is Java Paragon Hotel and Resident.
This hotel is located in the centre of Surabaya city (just in front of Shangrila Hotel).
When I stay in here, it was very relaxing and not too busy or crowded as many hotel around.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tari Piring - Opening ceremony of my brother wedding reception

Another wedding ceremony of my brother in Jakarta. Name of my brother is Dedi from Pekanbaru. He got married with Anggie from Makassar.
During opening ceremony, there was dance performance which is Tari piring (Plate dance).

Monday, October 13, 2008

Traditional Wedding Ceremony at Sukabumi - My Sister Rini

On 11 October 2008, I went to Sukabumi to attend my sister wedding ceremony. Sukabumi is a beatiful place and small city, situated about 150 km south of Jakarta. It takes about 2-3 hrs from Jakarta by car and it depend on traffic condition. My sister name is Rini. She got married with Danang. Below is the location of wedding ceremony at Masjid Agung Kota Sukabumi.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Palembang visiting place

Author: Douglas Scott

Palembang located on the southern most rim of the South China Sea, close to one of the worlds busiest shipping lanes linking the Far East with Europe, the regions historical background is rich and colourful.

Temperatures at sea level range from 24 to 33 all year round. Humidity is high. At higher altitudes the temperature drops accordingly. Those who like to scale mountains and there are quite a few mountains to scale in Indonesia need to bring warm clothes for the nights and plenty of water to drink to avoid dehydration.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A nice vacation to Japan: Visit to Toyota Museum

by Wulan.

After some busy day, all we need is just get some relax for a little bit. There are many way to get some relax, instead of common vacation place or common vacation destination, there is one place for you who love all about car. The place is Toyota museum located in Japan, Nagoya city. In this place, you can see history of car ever made and produced. The first car made in japan is kept here, the named is Toyoda. They kept various old car made from japan, America, Germany and many more.

So, for you who have chance to take some vacation or travelling to Japan, and like automotive, this place must be listed in your vacation list. Please see below, some picture taken when I visit this place.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Enjoyed Paris van Java

by Wulan

Almost all people already know where or what Paris is. But not everyone know where or what is Paris van java. For who already know might be ever visit there, but for the others, let we see a brief.

Paris van java is a called for Bandung city since it has many textile industry, fashion centre and many others related with fashion industry until now. Bandung is located in west java, Indonesia.
Now there is a new cool place in Bandung for you and your family to take for shopping, take some food or just for window shopping while visit Bandung, its called Paris van java.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Vacation to Yogyakarta

by Wulan Indah

Have you ever went to Yogyakarta, or have you hear Yogyakarta City. If you don't know, let we see a moment. Yogyakarta is located about 500 km east side from capital city of Indonesia. Yogyakarta known as student city since it have many university and also know as 2nd Indonesia tourism city after Bali. Average temperature is tropical temperature, so it will be good if we visit to Yogyakarta at dry season from February until September.

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