Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A nice vacation to Japan: Visit to Toyota Museum

by Wulan.

After some busy day, all we need is just get some relax for a little bit. There are many way to get some relax, instead of common vacation place or common vacation destination, there is one place for you who love all about car. The place is Toyota museum located in Japan, Nagoya city. In this place, you can see history of car ever made and produced. The first car made in japan is kept here, the named is Toyoda. They kept various old car made from japan, America, Germany and many more.

So, for you who have chance to take some vacation or travelling to Japan, and like automotive, this place must be listed in your vacation list. Please see below, some picture taken when I visit this place.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Enjoyed Paris van Java

by Wulan

Almost all people already know where or what Paris is. But not everyone know where or what is Paris van java. For who already know might be ever visit there, but for the others, let we see a brief.

Paris van java is a called for Bandung city since it has many textile industry, fashion centre and many others related with fashion industry until now. Bandung is located in west java, Indonesia.
Now there is a new cool place in Bandung for you and your family to take for shopping, take some food or just for window shopping while visit Bandung, its called Paris van java.
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